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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Faux Ice Cream Cones (cupcakes!)

Jill, another stamper and blogger shared her photos and recipe for her icing last week. I remember these as a kid. I decided to make some for my nephew and Godson for his 18th birthday! He is such a good kid!!!! Happy Birthday Kyle! I used my Demarle mini muffin mold to bake mine in. I then had to figure out a way to transport them!!!! So into my stamp room I went! I got a box that my Behr paint cans came in and a 12x12 piece of cardboard. I then took my coluzzle and cut 25 circles into the cardboard to slip the cones into. I made sides out of aluminum foil and placed the cardboard on top. Not too bad! Will have to try to save it so I can use it again!


Rick said...

They never had fun snacks like that when I was a kid. Looks good.

Jillabella said...

They turned out great Joan!! Bravo!!! - Jillian