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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day came with a storm!

Once again, we have snow on Valentine's Day. The kids were off of school for 2 days, went in 2 hours late yesterday, and are off on Monday!!!! And now they will be in school til mid June!!! UGH! Whatever happened to the good ol' days when you didn't go to school until after Labor Day and then got out at the end of May or first week of June????? And all the holidays off in between! Now granted, I do like to have the Christmas break with all that our family does, but I can do without all the other days here and there. And there are so many teacher and professional days! I wish they'd take some of the spring break away..........Oh well........Enough of this rambling about school! Where was I? Oh yeah! Valentines day! I got to sleep in!!!! And hubby gave me a Vera Bradley bag in the new Pink Elephant pattern that I LOVE! Did I say LOVE!!!!!! I have an elephant stamp in the Wild About You stamp set that is calling to be stamped to match the bag! And don't guys got presents too!!! Am having a Stamp Camp here tomorrow and now wonder where the ladies will park with all the snow piled on the side of the road! Photos of projects to come! Stay warm!!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Largest Snowflakes I have ever seen!!!

We were supposed to get a snow storm last night into today. It didn't happen! We had a 2 hour delay for school for some ice. But when Connor got home from school today it started raining/sleeting. Then these HUGE snowflakes started falling! I don't remember ever seeing them this big in all of my 49 years! The pictures really don't show how big they were! Some were bigger then a silver dollar. Connor ran out to see them and to catch them on his tongue! I took some photos and zoomed in on one that landed on one of the bushes. Amazing and beautiful!