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Friday, December 15, 2006

Almost ready!

The shopping is done, and all the gifts are wrapped! I still have to make and send some Christmas cards to those who don't get the photo card. And I still need to start my baking. Hope to get it started today. Just have to make myself NOT sample the cookies.....................oh the pressure! Am really looking forward to the Christmas break and not having to deal with homework and am looking forward the sleeping in. Weather doesn't feel like Christmas here though!!!! Been in the 50's and 60's for the last few days. I shouldn't complain, since I hate the cold, but it needs to be a little colder for Christmas...........maybe even a little snow????? Connor is getting excited, and is marking off the days til Christmas on his calendar. Well it's time to go pre-heat the oven! This elf has to go bake!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas is coming!!!!

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be December 1st! Where has this year gone? I have the house all decorated and today wrapped all the gifts to date! What a relief that is! Now it's time to get out my Silpats and baking sheets and start the cookie baking..........but alas need some freezer space!!! Have been busy knitting some gifts and even made myself a shawl to wear Christmas Eve! The close up photo shows what the yarn looks like much better! It was easy and fun to make! So still a little more shopping to do, cards to make, and I should be ready!!! Hopefully next Christmas won't creep up as fast as this one did!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Fall Y'all!

The leaves are almost all out of the trees! Only another raking or two. Enjoying the warm days we have been having. Haven't been stamping much and really need to start my Christmas cards! Made a few treats for Halloween and now it's time to switch to Winter themes. Will hopefully have something to post before the holidays!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Time to Catch Up! can see that I am not good at keeping this up to date! I will try to do better! Still doing the same old thing though! Stamping, cooking, and knitting! And hubby wonders why I never get the housework done! GEEZ! I did go up to NY last week with my sister, sister-in-law, and friend and we went to the Martha Stewart show! Had a great time, and walked so much that I ached for two days after we came home! It was great to see how the show is put together. We also took a cab to Ground Zero. I haven't been to NY since the 70's and wanted to make sure I got there at least. Hard to do a lot with only 2 days there. There are still working there of course, but it still brought tears to my eyes, reading the memorials and seeing all the photos. So very sad. Will try to post again later! Maybe show some of my latest projects!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is my Maltese, Snowball. My son took this picture. She was afraid of the camera and he kept calling her and she finally looked up, but has that "what is that thing" look upon her face. We adopted her 3 years ago this October from the local animal shelter. It was the best thing we ever did! Her previous name was Tinkerbell, and she had a brother as well. But I knew I was pushing my luck with one dog. But hubby loves her! Calls for her as soon as he walks in the door! "Where's my Girl?" he always says, "Here I am!" But he's not talking to me! hee hee

My Stamping, Cooking, and Knitting World!

Ok..........The start of my blog! Who'd a thunk it! A little about me.......For the most part a SAHM with a wonderful husband, a son whom I adore, and my Maltese. I have always dabbled in some type of craft. Always like to have my hands busy creating something. Six years ago, I became a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! I love this creative outlet and the ability to show others, how they to can be creative, an artist, and just have fun! It allows me to meet others and I have made many new friends through this company. I love to stamp, creative cards, gift items and scrapbook! It is so amazing that you can create so much with this product. And Stampin' Up! is a wonderful company! Just recently, I signed up to be a Rep for Demarle at Home. This is another DSA company that sells Flexi-pans, Flexi-molds, French Cooking Tools, and wonderful pots and pans. These products are absolutely amazing! Nothing sticks to the molds or pans and there is a lifetime warranty on them! So with this being said.........and as much as I love to cook and bake, I will NEVER get this weight off now! I also knit as a hobby. As my family can attest to I can get pretty nuts with it. So far, I haven't ventured into large projects like sweaters, but seem to have made a million scarves, hats, and now am really into making felted purses! It seems to be my form of therapy!!!!