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Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Finds at Homegoods!

I love going to Homegoods since I never know what goodies I will find! I stopped by tonight and held back at buying some gorgeous bowls and things and just grabbed these goodies! Two of the things will be re purposed! 1.) I got two of these. My beach chair has a cup holder, but the other two chairs we use don't. So my husband's and son's drinks always end up sitting in the sand! These will come in sooo handy on our beach vacation! 2.) These are sold to put around your veggies and are made of silicone! I saw them and immediately thought about my yarn cakes balls. I usually use rubber bands or hair elastics and these will be so much better as they are adjustable! 3.) These are called cinch hooks, like a carabiner And are marketed as shower curtain hooks. I want them more for handing things! Like my keys on my purse! And I have other ideas as well! Happy Stamping & Knitting!