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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Out of the Wreckage, The Pop Stories

Barbara Blanks (St. Flossie) is someone I would consider a friend. We have conversed via emails for years on the same rubber stampers list. We have never met in person. Over the years, Barb has shared many stories of her life with us. Her humor is something that gets me very time. She has a way with words. She now has a published book, hence the title of this post. This book is a must read for anyone and everyone. It will make you laugh out loud, and cry too. I highly recommend this book.
You can get the details by clicking this link:


stflossie said...

Joan is absolutely right about everything she says about The Pop Stories. *G*

Thank, Joan!
Barb aka Flossie

Jan said...

Wow, I have been out of touch with the "big list" (RS @bigkahuna with Mom Janet) for several years but I still definitely remember St. Flossie! Thanks for this info, I appreciate it! Not sure if I had my "stampin' moniker" at that time or not but it's possible I was on those lists, switched to inkerzaway sometime after I started stamping obsessively! Jan