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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Teddy Bear Picnic Breakfast

I remember a book and tape that my Mom gave Connor when he was two or three. It was the Teddy Bear Picnic book that came with a tape with the song of the same name. So whenever I look at this mold I think of that song! I got this mold a while ago and never made anything in them. Well tonight, Connor wanted a "Breakfast" dinner. We do this once in a while and he loves it! This mold is featured in the current Demarle at Home catalog. It is called the Teddy Bear Tray. You can see it here. The recipe in the catalog tells you to fill up the molds and you get 9 of them. Well if you look at my pictures here, you can see that it made some fat little bears! Next time I will only fill them up half way. I got nine out of the mold, had leftover batter, and made four more bears. They were a hit! Even have leftover to microwave for tomorrow's breakfast! I think this would make a great treat for kids of all ages! Wouldn't a Teddybear Pancake breakfast be a wonderful birthday surprise!!! You can also make little cakes, and have the kids frost and decorate them. Or how about some Jello Jigglers. Or mmmmmmmmmmmmm............Chocolate Bears! Yum!
This is the mold on the perforated baking sheet ready to go.
This is the mold filled with the pancake batter.
This is what they puffed up to by filling the bears up all the way!
This is one of the fat little bears already to be gobbled up! (poor ol' bear!)

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