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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jerry the Spider

Meet Jerry, the spider. Not sure what kind he is, but he is big!!! I don't like spiders, but for some reason I can't kill this one. He has made a web outside my french door to the patio. He has attached his web to the side of the house and the top of the patio roof, right next to the patio porch light. This is one smart spider! I have to turn the light on at night when I let Snowball (the dog) out. Then the show begins!!! Bugs fly around the light, and inevitably, Jerry gets fed. I have seen the nature shows where they show what insects do, but it is so fascinating in real life! See that little BLOB between his front legs? That was some little green bug that flew into the web. Jerry "swooped" down for the kill and then spun the bug into a cocoon! So cool! I can watch from inside the house, pray that he doesn't find his way in, or jump on my head if I go outside!

1 comment:

Stampndragon said...

I can relate....we have one of these "big guys" living on our front porch near the light. Can't see him from inside and luckily he is far enough off to the side I don't have to worry about him jumping....but once in awhile he will throw a strand from one side to the other and you end up walking thru it and that freaks me out...I live in VA...some one referred to him as a "woods spider".