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Friday, May 30, 2008

Remember my first sweater?

This is the post on my first sweater here:
and here are a few pics of my Mom in her Mother's Day present! Not bad for a 73 yr old huh! I am glad she is wearing my first sweater with pride.....Love you Mom!


Sara in WI said...

I love it! She looks very pleased with the sweater, as she should be! nice knitting, Joan!

Stampndragon said...

Hi Joan,
I am a stamper not a knitter, but here is a site for a firend of mine who is an excellent knitter (I have been told she is a master knitter)

She and another friend tried to get me knitting, I gave it a shot, but it was not for me, in the end the other friend, undid what I did (only about 5 inches worth) and remade the scarf for me...
Hope you enjoy her site. I haven't had a chance to look at all of it (over my head ;-))


JenMarie said...

Great sweater! Your mom looks beautiful in it!