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Monday, November 05, 2007

My Pride & Joy!

I feel like all I ever post about is my stamping, knitting, and cooking, and not much on life. So here it is!!! Connor is 12 and as tall as me or I think could be taller now! The bangs get a little crazy sometimes but I just love this boy of mine! He is a good kid for the most part but I think he has a mouth like I did when I was his age! I would always "sass" my Mom and we butted heads quite a few times. So I guess it's payback time! Hard for me to believe that he will be 16 in four years and wanting to drive! I hope the laws change to 18!!! PLEASE! He is into video games as most boys are and we are gearing up for basketball! Practice starts this week! Don't know what I'd do without my boys! (hubby and son!)

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Anonymous said...

I can ditto just about everything you just said! My son is taller than me now, by about 3"! I woke up one day and there was this tall ahndsome man-boy looking down at me! It's scary, amazing, fun and bottersweet, isn't it? Always a joy.