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Monday, July 06, 2009

Why is one of my frogs trying to kill the other! (bwaaaahhaaa haaaa!)

I remember when I was a kid, seeing my grandmother squirt the hose at a dog that was mating with our dog. What made me think of this????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Well.....let me tell you.
The other night I came home and saw that one of our African Dwarf frogs had the other in a choke hold around it's middle. I figured it was trying to keep the other one from going to the surface to get air. It was little frog murdering right before my very eyes! I was frantic! Got the little fishy scooper thingie out and tried to separate them to no avail! Yeah Yeah! Now you see where I am going with this!!!! My husband laughed at me for being worried, but he didn't know what they were up to any more than I did! It is called Amplexis.
I didn't know they did this! For one thing! I was told these were two males! And I also thought the female just laid her eggs and the male fertilized them. Nope! They cuddle first!
I think it was the new tank with a light that got them in the mood! Now we'll have to keep our eyes open for little tadpoles!
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