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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Godzilla the Moth

Ok....first off....let me say that YES, I am a night owl. I like to stay up late and sleep in. This is why this post is after 2am!
I went upstairs to wash my face and brush my teeth. Washed my face, and turned around to grab the towel to dry my face. Thank God my eyes were open!!! Godzilla the Moth was on my towel!!!! First and foremost, I DON'T LIKE BUGS! Well, maybe a dragonfly or ladybug, but that's about it. So I scream when I see Godzilla and jump back. Grab some TP (that's toilet paper for those of you who don't know), and very very gently, pull back the folds of the towel where I know Godzilla is. He/She sees the TP and flies away. Where did Godzilla go? I slam the bathroom door as I see it fly around. Don't want it to escape to the bedroom to attack me while I sleep!!! Now I can't find Godzilla. I turn my make up mirror on and turn off the bathroom light. I know moths are drawn to light and I am set with my TP and ready to pounce! No Godzilla.....turn bathroom light back on. Start to scan the room in search of the elusive Godzilla. AHA! There it is on my towel again! Seems to be drawn to my green bath towel. Make a grab for it. It escapes and flies up to my vanity light fixture. Soooooooooo.....I stand up on my vanity stool. Now mind you, this is a round stool that you see where this is going?????? As I try to grab Godzilla, I spin around and miss! Missing falling and breaking my neck I get down off the stool. Godzilla has eluded me again! I scan the room again.........don't see it. Then all of a sudden it is IN MY FACE!
It is taunting me! Knows I don't like it, and it's taunting me! So now I am flailing my arms and spinning around as it makes several passes at me. (Glad my blinds are closed cause I know my neighbors will think I have surely lost my mind!) In my swatting efforts I think I have wounded Godzilla. He/she is now crawling up my hair dryer cord. I grab it and try to get it in the toilet. It escapes once more, but not for long! Down in the toilet finally!!! I don't like bugs! And I especially don't want a moth in my room where my yarn stash is! I should have taken a picture of Godzilla before I flushed...................but he/she was huge!


Wezz said...

ooh Joan, this sounds like something I would do!! I don't like bugs either! But honey, please don't stand on a pivoting stool again, okay??


Stampndragon said...

I loved the part about the blinds being closed, but can just picture the shadow you may have been throwing up on the window and wonder what they thought of that (if anyone was up to see (maybe the newpaper delivery person driving by) The thought just makes me giggle, but I would do the same as I too hate bugs and want them dead immediately. I too am a late night person (it is now 1:40 am) and I am usually up until at least 3 and then sleep during the day, unless I have a Red Hat function or something to go to, then I am up early and can do that for several days before I crash and burn for a whole day.