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Monday, April 07, 2008

Almost Done with Day 2!

So far so good! Don't want to jinx myself, count my chickens before they hatch, etc. etc. etc. I kept Chatham on his leash today and walked both of them. Wasn't the greatest walk of my life with both of them going in different directions. My neighbors probably thought I was doing some crazy dance as I spun around and twirled my arms to get untangled! But he pooped outside which was a GOOD thing! Has been attached to my hip all day. I took my life in my hands and put both dogs out a little while ago. They both tinkled.....and I didn't use the leash as I was hoping he wouldn't dart under the fence again. So I feel like I won today.......PLEASE don't let this post jinx me!!!!!! (this is an older photo of the dogs. It was taken last June. My dog Snowy on the rt is about 6 lbs and Chatham is much larger now!)

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