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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nature at it's Best

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we live right next to a major highway! In our backyard we always have some wildlife friends hanging out. We have rabbits that live in our grasses, squirrels that climb our trees and fence, and birds all around. Yesterday I heard a commotion outback and looked, and saw three deer running behind our house. This worries me about the deer. If we knocked down the large tall fence that is a bit further behind our house they would be near a busy, busy road. And when they ran through my backyard they only had a few more yards to cross and they would be in the road. I don't want them to get hit! I think this cardinal was thinking the same thing! (note the fence and the lovely droppings that the birds leave!) But I really don't mind. I love to sit and watch them out the window!

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