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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitted Gelato Bags

Here are my first two bags I have made with this pattern. I goofed up on the handles on the first bag (pink) I made, but I think it can still work. ???????? These are fun to make once you realize what you are doing! I am hoping to have an open house in the fall to sell my hand made knitted and stamped items. UPDATE****** Julie asked whether these were felted after knitting. Yes they were! They are much larger. Then you felt them by deliberately washing them in hot water!!!! Be sure to put them in a zipper pillow case or you will have fuzz all over your washer!!!


Paige said...

They are BOTH adorable!!! I wish I knew how to knit (I crochet), I'd make one too. TFS


Julie said...

These are cute little bags. Are they felted after you knit them? (Or is the texture due to the yarn and the needle size?)

I haven't knit in quite a while, but I think these would make really cute gifts. I may have to find out who carries these patterns in the area.

Thanks for sharing these,


joyk (splitcoast) said...

Not only in your machine........but in the pump......and all THROUGH your machine LOL. Don't ask me how I know :) Your bags look great!!!