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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am a ribbon-a-holic!!!! Ok.............I am addicted to many things!
Cooking.................and the list goes on!
But I love Ribbon! Did I tell you that! So as I was trying to straighten my stamp room today I knew I had to share with you the ribbon I got at the Offray Ribbon Outlet. Good thing it is about 1-1/2 hours away for me or I would need another house! Sometimes I go there and don't see much that I HAVE TO HAVE! But I was so happy with my last trip!
Doncha love it! And these are HUGE spools!


Rochelle W said...

Dang Joan, I thought I had ribbon. I think you have me beat. I need to get some of that ric rak. I see so many cute cards with it. Where is the offray ribbon outlet? I wish it was by me. I love their sheer dotted ribbon.

rachelM said...

I was eyeing the ric rac also. I need to see if there is an outlet near me also. You know a girl can never have too much ribbon ;-)

Patti said...

Wowza!! Look at all that ribbon! Fantastic! I'm the same way ... some days I see nothing I really want and then others .... watch out!! Have fun with the ribbon! :)

Angie said...

Lucky girl! I love ribbon. Where did you get yours? I love the big spools.
Do tell?

StampingJoan said...

The ribbon outlet is in Hagerstown, MD. I go once or twice a year. Sometimes you hit pay dirt like I did this last time! They have all sorts of ribbon, including Christmas ribbon that I stock up on too for wrapping gifts.