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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new ride!

Mike has been after me to get a new car for the past few years. I love my Focus wagon and didn't feel the need for a new car when this one was paid for, and had nothing wrong with it. I told him if I was ever to get a new car, and have payments, I would want a convertible. I test drove and brought home one last year. A Pontiac. He said it was too much and since Pontiac was going out of business it wouldn't be a smart move. End of that! He had been talking lately about a Hyundai Sonata (sp). I wanted to wait a while, at least til the end of the year and get a better deal. So the other day, he comes home and said he found a convertible at a local dealership that we could afford. And it was a Mercedes! Yeah Yeah...........sure honey. I didn't think we could afford nor did I think he would go for it. Mind you, as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I can lug around some serious stuff! But this one has a small trunk and would be do-able! Well he snuck off after dinner, when it was dark in hopes of going to the lot and seeing it without being seen by a sales person. WRONG! He was spotted, got shown the car, they talked, blah, blah, blah......He came home and told me that if I went and test drove the car he would have to pry my fingers off the steering wheel! So the next night, we went as a family to see it. I had called them earlier in the day to try to negotiate a better price over the phone. We ended up getting a great deal.....too good to pass up. And with Connor turning 16 next year and adding another driver to the household we can hang onto the Focus for him and for me to drive when the weather is bad. So I am now the driver of "Heidi"! Since she's a German girl, I named her after Heidi Klum who is one of my favorite celebs! Happy Stamping & Knitting!

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