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Thursday, October 02, 2008


You know I don't do bugs! And I DO NOT do snakes! Gives me goose bumps just typing this!
The other day I was down in my stamp room, working away. Snowball (our dog) came to me to let me know she wanted to go outside. So instead of running upstairs, I let her out the basement steps. I stood at the slider, waiting for her to come back when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement on the steps........OMG! it was a SNAKE! Now mind you, the photo you are about to see makes it look larger than what it was. When I stepped out to actually see it, it reared up it's head and body to make him/herself appear larger, and started shaking it's tail like a rattler!!! So here I am, looking at a snake, waiting for Snowy to come back down the steps. Here she comes! She proceeds down the steps as I say, come here, and then she STOPS! Right next to the snake! At this point in time, I have my DH on the phone and I scream for her to come! I didn't know if this thing was poisonous or not! So DH runs home from the office to take care of the snake for me! Now I want to know where Mama, Papa, and bro's and sis's are! I got pictures before DH took care of it and emailed DNR. And while I wasn't close, I was kept striking out at me and was falling down each step!!!! Like a slinky!!!! DNR finally got back to me and told me it was a Black Rat snake and is non poisonous, and that they shake their tail like a rattler! No kiddin'!

Now for laughs on how big it really was!


Maria said...

LOL! I would freak out too!! How nice of your husband to drive home from work to take care of business!! Love the story and your zoomed picture made the snake look very scary . . .I laughed when I saw the second photo! But. . .a snake is a snake, big or small!!


Anonymous said...