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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boo to You!

My cousin hosts a girls night out Halloween party every year. Everyone brings a dish and a gift. When you get there, you draw a number out of the hat. Then after we eat, we pick gifts in numerical order. #1 picks a gift and opens it. Then #2 goes. If #2 likes #1's gift she can take it or pick something new. This goes on until everyone has a turn. It gets hysterical!!! So my gift this year is the pair of socks I knitted (see prior post) and a great beaded bracelet that is black and white with a skeleton theme. I am putting them in this altered paint can!
You found me!
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Krista R. said...

I found it!!!

Gosh I didn't look hard enough the first time

Krista R.

Krista R. said...


I also wanted to tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Happy Stamping!

Krista R.

Steph Gittins said...

I found it! It took hours and hours, but I found it! I just didn't go far enough back, I guess- but I kept looking at every picture like it was going to be hiding or something. LOL

Lori Watson said...

Wow did I need that hint!!! I looked all over the place and didn't see it till then. I love the charm it's so cool and not too cute that it would look out of place no matter what you wear. Hugs and happy stamping Lori Watson