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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jiminy Cricket-----------NOT!

This is Jiminy Cricket. He is cute and adorable and I would gladly welcome him into my home. I don't think I'd allow him into my stamp room though. He would NOT be a good conscience to have around when I am buying stamps.
This is what I HAVE in my house. They are in my basement!!! UGH!!!! I hate these things! They are a Camelback or Cave Cricket. And they JUMP! Right at you too! I just came down in my stamp room and two were in the hall! I grabbed the dust buster real quick and attacked! Then found another! (I can still hear them jumping in the dust buster! Lol lol lol). I don't do bugs........ I will only pick up a Ladybug.
And last week, Connor went to put his shoes on to go to school. He wears those DC's with the shoelaces tucked inside the shoe instead of tied up. He puts his foot in the shoe, then pulls it back out. I figured the laces were bugging him and he had to adjust them. So did he. was one of these buggers! I screamed cause he was about to dump it on the family room floor! OMG! I made him take the shoe outside and shake it out there!
How can I get rid of these things?????????????? I read online about glue traps so I may have to go find some tomorrow!


peggy said...

I am in Perry Hall, Maryland and we have these gross bugs too - though they tend to arrive here one at a time when you least expect it!!! Thanks! - I never knew exactly what they were but I will be looking them up pdq!! Hope we have both seen the last of them!! Thank heaven they have not shown up during one of my stamp classes - I would be mortified!!


Nancy said...

I've had those in my house this past year too. I never had them before and they seem to like hiding in the bathroom or laundry room and jumping out to scare me when I least expect them. Let me know how you get rid of yours. I haven't seen them lately, but seemed to have more this summer so maybe they are gone now.

Nancy Endwright

Holly said...

Hey Joan, I can let you borrow Riley for a few days. She chases those things and eats them! LOL!