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Monday, September 03, 2007

Joan and the Beanstalk!

Ok..........can anyone tell me what this is? My brother gave me some large seeds from this plant that he couldn't identify. I took them and planted them along part of our fence. They started out with a few vines and leaves and the little bunnies in our yard loved them! Didn't think they would survive all the munching!!!! But they did and they have gone wild! I feel like Jack and the Beanstalk! These little purple flowers have just started to appear. My brother says that this is where they seeds will come from eventually. I love how this looks, but would really like to know what it is called. And I am also going to be looking for the goose that lays the golden egg! I have since found out that this is called a Hyacinth Bean Vine.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Joan that is a castor bean vine it will get pods on it where the blooms are that almost look like lima bean pods. It is a annual will have to plant it every year in your area.