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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Altered Clipboard~~~Halloween Style!

This is a clipboard from Staples. I applied the paper with modge podge and let dry. Then sanded the edges and put another coat on top. The paper with the faces is from Rusty Pickle and is called Halloween Cats. I don't remember where I got it as it was in my "stash"! The black paper has spiders all over it but it is hard to see. This is designed paper from Stampin' Up! and is called Creepy Crawly. The mosaic looking paper is from this series too!
The ribbon across the middle has been aged with brown ink. The embellishments on the clip are from the $1 spot at Target. I cut a 3x3 square of cork board and glued it to the lower left corner. The push pins are made by stamping the images from the retired set Bitty Boos from Stampin' Up!, and then I used Crystal Effects to glue to the paper to the flat clear marbles. I then used the CE again and glued thumb tacks to the back. (push pins went in too deep)
The container holding the post-its is from my stash as well!!! Go figure huh! These are clear containers I got at a restaurant supply house that are used for sugar packets. I used double sided foam tape to mount this to the clipboard. The photo looks like it hangs down lower than the clipboard, but it doesn't. The pen has a piece of the Rustly Pickle paper in it and I have tied it up to the clip.
I glued 8 heavy duty magnets on the bag so it will stick to the refrigerator. I love this!!! If I can let it go, (or make another!) I am going to give this to my cousin who has an annual Halloween gift exchange party every year. Everyone brings a wrapped Halloween decorated and picks a number from the basket. Then #1 goes first and picks the gift. Then #2. #2 can take #1's gift or choose something else. This goes on until the last person picks!! It is a riot! These women get "witchy!" if you know what I mean! We all bring a dish or dessert as well. Makes for a fun night! She could use this clipboard to keep track of her details for the party!


Willow said...

I just love your clipboard!!! It is so totally creative. Thanks for sharing how you did it!!! Willow

beate said...

Joan, that's one cool Halloween clipboard!

Flossie's Follies said...

Love the altered clipboards

chelemom said...

This is sooo freaking cute! I love that Halloween paper too!