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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps we sell from Stampin' Up!  The shortbread sugar cookie recipe is one of the two that come with the kit.  Not sure why these flattened out so much though!  I think my oven is too hot!

Anyhooo......I made a double batch of the recipe.  

Here is what the stamp set I used comes with

Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps #127081

 And here is a step by step of how I get the image onto my cookies!

 Put the silicone stamp onto the wooden handle.

I use a small cup to support it until I am ready to put the sugar in the stamp image and then to support it when I press the dough ball into the stamp.

 I spoon a bit of sugar on and use a spatula to scrape off the excess.

 This is about the amount I leave on there.  (can't be perfect!)

 I put a ball of dough on top and just smooch down enough to make sure I am covering the image.

 I finish pressing it onto my Silpat.  

And Voila'....they come out yummy!


Happy Stamping & Knitting!

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