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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I had to run errands today. Bank, returns, Costco, etc. I took my camera out of my purse to ease up on some of the weight. I wish I hadn't! I forgot it on Christmas Eve, used it on Christmas morning, took in to my in-laws the day after Christmas and forgot to use it. Today I needed it! It started when I went to Marshalls. I had to return a coat I bought for Connor. He didn't like it. So after I returned it, I walked over to the shoe area. I wanted a black half boot since the ones I went to wear for Christmas are a 1/2 size too small for my foot now! I saw these shoes and lost it! I only had my phone with me so I used the camera on it! Two boys were watching me and laughing!!! Not sure if they thought I liked the shoes or not! I saw the shoes, got a *mental* picture of me wearing them, and couldn't stop laughing! What do you think? Would they make me look slimmer and taller? Or like Herman Munster's wife? Then I walked down to Home Goods to see if there were any deals. I didn't buy anything.....but saw this woman. Not sure if you can see it when you click on the pic, but she is walking around with huge curlers in her hair! Do women STILL DO THIS???????? I hope she bought a curling iron! Then I left, and went to Costco. Walking around, doing my shopping. Passed someone at the meat case who had some stuffed salmon in his cart. I said, "Excuse me sir, have you had that before, and is it any good?" He said, "Sure have, and it's pretty good." That was when I got a better look at his face. It was "Roc" or Charles Dutton!
Happy Stamping & Knitting!

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