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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bug Revenge!

If you know me, you know I hate bugs!!!  I can only tolerate dragonflies, butterflies, and ladybugs.  Right now it is beetle season here.  Some kind of oriental one and the Japanese beetle are driving me nuts!  At night, you can't walk out on the front or back porch with getting bombarded by them.  And you got it!  THEY FLY INTO THE HOUSE WHEN THE DOOR IS OPENED!

So, last night I was sitting her watching TV and knitting a shawl.  A shawl that has a lace pattern.  The kind that if I drop stitches, it is very aggravating to find the dropped stitches and pick them up correctly.  So.....I am knitting along, then all of a sudden, I get ATTACKED by a beetle!  Flew right into my face!!  OMG!  I am swatting, and trying to get away from it and it keeps attacking.....and guess what!  I completely pulled my needles out of the row I was on!  I was angry!  I put the knitting down and searched for the little sucker who messed me up!  No...I didn't have knitting fairies that messed up my knitting!  I had a beetle do it for me!  I still cannot find where to SOB went.

But today, I went to Ace Hardware and got BEETLE TRAPS!  Yep!  This is now war!

I put one in the front garden, by the front door!  I didn't even have the stake in the ground, when these beetles came out of nowhere to get to it!  The smell was working!  Then I went and put one near the patio door out back!  They work!  Now I am anxious to see how many beetles are flying by the porch light tonight!

This is the brand of trap!

This show the little buggers at the bottom of the bag!

And the one below is looking down into the bag, through the funnel!  Yep they are at the bottom!


Happy Stamping & Knitting!

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