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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is that noise outside?

It was almost 11:00pm and I was sitting here watching my tivo'd Greys Anatomy. I have the french door open enjoying the breeze. .........all of a sudden I hear a noise outside that sounds like someone on my patio!!!! I jump up and shut the door and turn on the outside light! There is something sitting on my patio chair! I run and grab my camera and see this critter climbing up the post of our patio roof! He/she is adorable but I don't want to get too close! Then it starts to grab at the patio lights strung across the patio......................I think all he/she wanted was to have the lights turned on!

1 comment:

bettystamps said...

Wow Joan, you sure have alot of critters! Good luck with getting this one to leave a good home.